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Xante iQueue Universal

Part Number Xante iQueue Universal
Xante iQueue Universal
Xante iQueue Universal
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Xante announces the immediate release of the latest version of iQueue print production workflow software, iQueue 9. Notable new features of iQueue 9 include the ability to work with any Adobe PostScript printer, more intelligent and powerful variable data capabilities, and direct in-RIP support for Intelligent Mail barcodes. Additionally, new and improved user friendliness makes iQueue 9 the easiest to use workflow software now easier.

With iQueue 9, users have the option to use iQueue’s powerful color controls, imposition, and other features on Xante print systems. Also, users now have the option to run any Adobe PostScript printer in their network. iQueue’s site license allows all users in the shop the power they need to produce accurate, quality print.

  • Multiple User Network / File Sharing
  • Integrated PANTONE® Color Library
  • Spot Color Matching / Spot Color Creator
  • Independent CMYK Density Adjustment
  • Full Imposition and Tiling
  • Individual Screening for CMYK and Spot Color elements
  • Real-time Job Cost Estimating
  • Custom QR Code Generator
  • Manage and Import Variable Data
  • Import Intelligent Mail Bar Codes Generator
  • Drives any* Adobe® PostScript® 3™ Device

The new iQueue 9 has all of the remarkable features of previous versions which include job cost estimator, accurate spot color matching, independent CMYK color controls, full imposition and tiling, a QR code generator, variable data manager, iQueue PDF-out, and the PANTONE® color library. Our customers remain a top priority at Xante and their needs continue to be a driving force that has helped us create iQueue 9.

New Spot Color Creator: iQueue 9’s Spot Color Creator allows you to convert any portion of your page from CMYK process to Spot Colors for easy matching with iQueue’s Right-On [Patent Pending] (iQueue Ultimate only).

New Right-On Spot Color Matching System [Patent Pending] (iQueue Ultimate): The Right-On Spot Color Matching System [Patent Pending] uses a unique visual gamma comparison that allows users to make custom color corrections on individual spot colors found in a digital file. No other spot color matching system gives you this much control over color conversions.

Screening Options: iQueue gives you a wide variety of screening options. Select the desired linescreen (from 10 lpi to 240 lpi), screen angle, and halftone shape (Round, Ellipse, Euclidean, Line, Dual Dot and more).

Job Cost Estimating (Ultimate): Now iQueue takes the guess work out of job cost estimating. Simply double click on a project name to bring up the Job Ticket, enter the desired run quantity then click on the Job Cost Tab to see the estimated consumables cost.

Job Ticket Editor: Each job sent to iQueue 9 is assigned a job ticket. iQueue’s Job Ticket editor allows you to control specific job setup such as: Media weight, surface type, orientation, tray selections, color profiles, CMYK densities, linescreens, 3-Edge Printing, rotation, run quantities, count sheets and much more.

*Call for details

iQueue Imposition / Plate Templating (iQueue Ultimate): Now you can quickly impose digital files with single or multiple pages and create (and store) custom imposition / plate templates to use over and over again. iQueue Imposition allows you to set the desired media / plate size, margins, gripper, number of columns and rows, rotate the image, add print (crop) marks, and nudge the template. You may also select one of iQueue’s standard imposition tem- plates.

iQueue Tilling:Now iQueue can setup and print oversized, full color signage, film positives or negatives. You can quickly edit the number of media tiles to match stock size, set the desired tile overlap, add connecting edge bleeds, flip alternating tiles, move an image in your tile frame and more. The thumbnail preview allows you to see your tile layout in real time (iQueue Ultimate Only).

3-Edge Bleed Printing:If you are using a 3-edge bleed supported printer, iQueue 9 allows you to print full color envelopes, cards and sheets that bleed off 3 sides, eliminating the need for expensive bindery conversions.

Automatic Scene Modes: iQueue contains a new concept in color adjustment called Scene Modes. Similar to screen modes of digital cameras, the 20+ modes were hand edited to give exceptional output quality targeted at specific image types.

Print Queues: iQueue allows users to control output to one or more networked ILUMINA Digital Color Press, PlateMaker, FilmMaker and/or ScreenWriter through Print Queues. Users can manage individual jobs held within each print queue. These jobs can be prioritized, placed on hold, removed or even switched to another print queue using the handy drag & drop feature.

Consumables Usage: iQueue makes it easy to monitor the consumables for each Xanté device in your network. Simply click on the Consumables Tab for a detailed view of toner levels, drum life, belt life, and fuser life for each output device.

Count Sheets: iQueue’s Count Sheet feature makes counting and gathering printed pieces faster than ever. Count sheets can be inserted after a specified quantity or at the end of the full run. You may also print progressive count numbers on your count sheets.

Networking – Sending digital files to iQueue: iQueue is a software application that can be installed on any networked PC (or a Pentium based Mac running Windows). Because iQueue broadcasts itself as an Adobe® Postscript® printer, prepress operators can print directly to iQueue from networked Mac or PC workstations, using popular Adobe® / Microsoft® applications.

See iQueue 9 in Action: To learn more about iQueue 9 or to request an on-line web demo call: 1.800.926.8839.